Join us August 1st 2020 for the 15th annual Hardcore Happening. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Remember kids:
-Rain or shine we party
-All vehicles must be licensed and insured.
-$20 per person, includes Venue, food, beverages (ice tea lemonade water), bands etc. last year one guy was furious and mouthy with the ladies serving food because we didn’t have pop? Oddly enough he wasn’t mouthy to me, I gave him his $20 back and told him to get the fuck out. We don’t have pop. Get over the little things. You’ll also have to use ports Johns not my house..
– No losers, no whiners, no dipshits, we will send your ass packing.
-Good folks welcome, if you want to be a good person come hang out with the crowd that shows up to this party and take notes.

See you folks in August. Jesse