Hardcore Happening 2020
Well Damn…. I held out as long as I could and after a conversation with the local authorities we have come to the conclusion that it would be best to cancel the Hardcore Happening 2020. Mind You this was encouraged but not enforced by the police, they have always been great to us and continue to be supportive. I spoke with the chief like I always do before the party and he was great. He explained the legal situation and literally went above and beyond to think of a way to have this without raising any flags or comprising anyone’s health however we came up short… It would be disrespectful of us to gather and put our local law enforcement in such a legal predicament, these poor bastards are damned if they do and damned if they don’t and I’m not putting them in such a spot. It would also be lousy of me to risk my guests health just for a party. Yes we could call it a “ Protest “, even the chief told me that however I’m not a shitbag lowlife and neither are our guests, we’re not pulling that disrespectful nonsense, We have to take a year off and it’s not a big deal.
Jolene and I and all our Staff genuinely love you guys and love the entire mantra of the party and all that attend, It always seems that when people come here they are always on their best behavior, always happy, polite, extremely respectful, and just amazingly good to eachother.. I hope that you guys keep that mantra up always but on August 1st when you’re supposed to be here with us, I hope you carry yourself with that same demeanor and greatness that you always do here. Love your neighbors, help strangers out, pick shit up just because, be good to people who are not in your circle, love your circle, love your wife, husband, and kids, do something nice for someone, make a new friend, say hello and smile at everyone you see! Be that person on August 1st that you always are when you’re here, We love you that way!
Enjoy this crazy time and keep in touch my friends. As soon as we can gather legally I will post a date and we will burn it down even if it’s in January!! Be well My friends!
– Much love and respect to you all,
Jesse and the Hardcore Happening crew.