Another one in the rear view
Every year I question if the effort is worth it… Every year You guys renew my faith in humanity… My home is immaculate, we partied hard and you left us cleaned up, respectful, and grateful. You folks are welcome here anytime, seriously this shit doesn’t happen in many places if any… You belong to a small niche, people only hear stories about days and people like this… I’m proud as a peacock of you folks, I’m proud of my friends, my wife and kids and my community. We live in a special place with great people in world full of fucking idiots, proud to host you and call you all my friends. My wife, kids, friends and I all appreciate and love you.
You belong to a small cult of great folks that carry a venue of Americana along… You’re respect and goodness is what makes the world tick, stay great, we love you crazy bastards! With much respect and love, Jesse Jolene our kids and our crew! We love ya. Keep up the good work folks.
Thanks for all the shares and spreading the love.

Hardcore Happening 2022
YOU’RE INVITED! Aug 6th 2022
You know the deal, Good people, good food, good times. Love to have you, your Mom your sister, your ex, who cares bring them all and spend the day laughing and BSing with us.
$30 donation includes Chicken BBQ at 5pm, Entertainment, Band (Audibull) Bonfire, and all around comradery with friends. We miss you guys, looking forward to a good party and seeing you all! – Jesse and the crew
As always Thank you for sharing and spreading the gospel! Bring good people and we will treat them great!
NO EARLY BIRDS, Opens at 1pm
Please post your favorite pic of the party in the comments so people can see what it’s all about. Thanks!
Much Love My friends,
Jesse,Jolene & the HH crew.